Chasing the sun



If i will update my status or answering the question ” what’s on my mind? ” we’ll I would say, A LOT OF PEOPLE WORKS,IMMERSION, SEMINAR and other anxiety of being pretty student! JK! I do have an hectic days when I entered college which I thought to not to be.

Blogging is maybe my rebound on the hectic days, so whenever I post something here is really a ” skip” on my real whore world,such being a good student.

But what I love on schooling is that, I’m learning a lot, I mean a lot! Then adding fun bonding with friends and some awesome activities such conferences on diff. Places which gives me opportunity to travel.









Me and my pals ✨✨✨

Outfit detail: crop top and maroon pants from Divisoria, flats from Chelsea






Just got out of some messy days! Hooorah !!! 📢📢 I’m so happy nao that I got up with some of my school stuff 📚 and fashion is one of my escapez. I’m quite addicted now to camoz,greenz, and military lookz. I used to cast clothes from my closet just to find thiz, and I succeed! This is just so lovely and easy to go. Thanks tho to Vans for plus comfyness and for cutesify HK design. Love this so much! 😍


Happy 17


Last 21st was my 17th birthday ( would you mind to greet me huh? ). They were actually celebrating my Bday for almost to weeks and until now,the party never stops. We have watched some ball game from my two fav team, Rain or shine and beloved Ginebra but I used to choose one but since Ginebra had a lot of fans, I’ve gone with ROS 🙀, but sadly, my team that day did’nt won. 💔 But lot of fun maybe just a waste, I mean something that WON’T LAST forever, but true friends do! Yeah ! Now I’m so thankful to have them. Maybe we had or will have a lots of cherishable moment but I used to cherish them,my friends, cuz there will be no more moments without them! Yay. And nao, I’m sooooo thankful to God 👆 for ging them to me, thanks to him for he was always there for 17 years of my existence 😭. I love Him so much and will forever cherish Him for my whole life.


FYI: that is just some of my pals 😄


A happy day for meh!

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5 KJV)








Welcome back,babies ! So nice to drop by again here 😭 thinking my site would be on web purgatory. How are you guys? I just had to put so many time chillin with my responsibilities. ” Nakakaloka! ” Ugh I mean its so hard to be loaded up but I’m still so happy doing many things ; being such a good student, musicIan,an officer, yikes ! Just want to say hello again! Missin yah so much 😘 I’ll be back and post some more !

Feeling good

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What time is it? Summer time! yeah feeling good huh ? Feels good to see Mr. Sunshine after all creepy, heart melting days. SCHOOL IS OVEEEEER ! Time to breath and have some fun fun fun! so where’s your summer destination? If you haven’t planned where to go, I dare you to go here at PHILIPPINES, my home land, where paradise is !

Have a nice day !


demi goddess <3


I’ll post more soon !




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Hola ! Just arrived again from a very tight days, ugh I just really need some break specially now that I’m going to run for the election in my school! woah !  I actually never imagined that I’m going to enter the world of politics but I have no choice but to accept the challenge and don’t wanna waste the trust given to me by my classmates T.T Kudos for myself! hmm let’s just take a break for that things.

And before the love month ends, nvm XD. Well how did you spend your Love month ? Valentine’s day ? Me? oh well as a single lady, I celebrated it as simple as possible with my family and friends, no bitterness at all! Haha CHEERS for all single ladies. And besides, valentine’s day is also my cousin’s B-day so no worries for dating. Just a words for those who are in single (and also for those who are in relationship) as Bob marley said, Don’t worry be happy! February is also for us, we still have our family and friends AS OUR PARTNER to life, and we have our first lover which is God ! Share love, Spread love and be loved. <3


a lot of love from Demigoddess <3

–Fashion meets love